Genius Hour #2 Reflection

Interior Home Design

For my second Genius Hour Project, I focused on Interior Home Design. Interior Home Design is the coordination of accessories and decorative items inside a house/ room.

Angels_0079 Alby Headrick via Compfight

In the course of this project, I learned that it is important to not overcrowd a room if you are going for an aesthetic look/vibe, to incorporate some plants in some parts of the room to get a fresh/ organic look, and finally to use dark/ not bright colours(such as neon) if you want a modern look.

Kitchen :oCreative Commons License Rooky Yootz via Compfight

This project helped me grow as a person because I learned new information about my dream job. I also worked hard to obtain the knowledge I gain. I use my tweeter expert connect assignment in order to get design tips from professionals. Here is a link to my tweeter expert connect assignment reflection:

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This was a project more of a project that benefited me and not the world. I really can’t think of a way this could have benefited the world. I think my next project is going to impact the world by making people’s lives better. I hope it does.

The Grand FoyerCreative Commons License Sheila Sund via Compfight

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