Being Part of a Gender Role Community

Communities are very complex to understand or explain. At this moment I am in two different communities. One in Rwanda(my home country) and one where I am living right now(Senegal).

To begin with,¬†Rwanda and Senegal are not very different. Both places have gender role such as women take care of the house and men work. These gender roles keep things simple but at the same time it isn’t fair at all for women or men but things have been that way for so long that it won’t be easy to break that gender role.

However, there is a value of being part of a community. You can make the change you want to see. Being part of diverse communities can help you a lot. It kind of makes you more open to different cultures.

In the future, I aspire to be in community full of justice. A community in which everyone receives the same treatment. A community in which people can be gay or express themselves without fearing marginalization.

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